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My husband and I had a very incredible experience with Dietrich law. Everyone on the team was supportive, informative, and committed to helping us get the most out of our case.

They went above and beyond our expectations

Highly recommend having them be part of your support team

5 Google Review of Dietrich Law Office by Brittany Dewing on 2023-08-28T11:14:29-04:00

If I could give more thank 5 stars to the team at Dietrich Law Office, I would. From my initial meeting with George and Lina (on a Sunday afternoon) I knew I was in the best possible hands. My daughter contacted them on my behalf after I was in a car accident. And thank goodness she did. They took away all the fear and stress of navigating the insurance benefits. They arranged daily care with a PSW and introduced me to an amazing Occupational Therapist. They created an extraordinary team of health care professionals that worked with me throughout my recovery.

Josie was a constant source of help and support; I don't know what I would have done without her. Her kindness and consideration was endless. Thank you so much Josie.

Catherine is amazing! She "held my hand" and got me through the legal aspects of my case and provided excellent support, understanding and advice. Thank you Cathy!

My family and I will be forever grateful to the entire team at Dietrich Law. Thank you all.

5 Google Review of Dietrich Law Office by Laura Mack on 2023-07-20T09:37:08-04:00

This is the third time I have used this law firm in 26 years. Twice I’ve been fortunate and had the pleasure to deal with Alexandra (Ali) Victoros as she’s knowledgeable, bright, efficient, and professional yet friendly lawyer. Her assistant Lina is wonderful and helpful to deal with as well. If you want results hire Alexandra Victoros from Dietrich Law - you won’t be disappointed.

5 Google Review of Dietrich Law Office by tararaquel1 on 2022-11-03T21:18:57-04:00

This review is long overdue but better late than never.

I wouldn't recommend any other lawyers and or lawfirm to take any accident injury cases. I wanted to proceed with an injury lawsuit against the City which is almost impossible to win and most lawyers refuse to even take on a lawsuit involving against the city for that reason of odds not to win.

I knew I had a solid ironclad case with solid facts and evidence and my lawyers at Dietrich Law took my case and pressed forward without hesitation and kept going hard without fail until the defence broke during trial and the judge had the city's defence in pure loss of words as they had no justification to any of their defence tactics or valid explanations. They were grasping at straws and my primary lawyer, Josie, was amazing presenting a solid case and in our trial she punched holes in evry one of the city's witness testimonies and brought them down.

I was the first person in over 10yrs that won a lawsuit against The City. When a lawyer and their firm can win a a case like this with all odds against us, you know they're definitely who you want representing you!!!

5 Google Review of Dietrich Law Office by Krista Costerus on 2022-10-01T10:47:47-04:00

Thank you so much for helping me thought my tough times. Great staff, I was pleased with my legal term.

5 Google Review of Dietrich Law Office by Jason Wyllie on 2022-07-20T03:53:11-04:00

If you wish, you can attach up to 3 photos related to your injury or accident:
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Date Link Summary
2023-01-09 Falls are a Leading Cause of Injury Falls are a leading cause of injuries among the elderly. Learn about steps and precautions can be taken to reduce the chance of falling.
2022-06-10 Eligibility for Disability Benefits At some time in their working lives, many Canadians suffer an illness or injury that prevents them from working. Learn about disability claim requirements if you are disabled and cannot perform your job.
2022-05-11 Claiming Compensation for a Hit-and-Run Accident Ontario vehicle insurance policies are required to provide you with coverage against hit-and-run accidents, but such claims can be more difficult to resolve in your favour when there’s little physical proof to substantiate the claim.
2022-04-14 Making a Claim for Uninsured Driver Coverage If you were involved in an accident caused by an uninsured, under-insured or hit-and-run driver, you may file an uninsured driver claim against your own insurance company.
2022-02-09 Distracted Driving: A common Cause of Accidents and Personal Injury Distracted driving is disturbingly common and frequently results in car accidents and injury to road users besides the inattentive driver.


In most cases, our fees are based upon contingency agreements. We cover all ordinary expenses of proceeding with your file. At the end, we get paid when you receive your settlement or judgment.

Our Maximum Contingency Fee is as follows:
All matters (except CPP appeals) - 25%
CPP appeals - 30%

How We Get Paid

Rather than paying an hourly rate for our services, Dietrich Law allows our clients to pay us a percentage of the settlement that they receive after their case is settled. This is called a Contingency Fee, and a client's contract with our firm is called a Contingency Fee Agreement.

From July 1, 2021, the Law Society of Ontario required all law firms offering contingency fees to use a standard form agreement.


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