You may be the most careful person in Stratford - practicing safe driving and checking twice to make sure your oven is off. But unfortunately, accidents happen to everyone. If you've been injured and you don't feel that you were at fault, we understand what you're going through and we have experience helping people like you obtain treatment and compensation for their ailments.

After an injury, it's often unclear whether someone else's negligence is legally responsible. At Dietrich Law, we can help. We offer a free and no-obligation initial consultation to anyone in the Stratford area. We'll listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and provide a picture of what legal recourse you have.

Trying to win a settlement from your insurer can be difficult without a lawyer. They have an obvious incentive not to pay, and unless you have experience with personal injury law, it's a very uneven playing field.

At Dietrich Law, we don’t work for the insurance company. We work for you, and our wealth of experience in litigating claims is on your side.

You should know that there are strict deadlines and limitation periods with respect to your claim. Our advice is completely free, confidential, and you have no obligation to retain our firm. Don't delay - get started on the path to compensation.

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