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Dietrich Law is an awesome law firm to deal with. They are very dedicated in helping you with your disability issues when you feel everyone is against you. I truly thought I was going to lose everything when a friend told me to call Dietrich Law. So glad I did. Ali and Lena were so understanding and worked really hard to get me a settlement after the Insurance Company cut me off my work disability.

Thank you Lena and Ali for everything you did for me. Hopefully, I wasn't too much of a pain.

You truly do what your commercials say. You care about your clients. That's hard to find these days. A lot of people are just out for the mighty buck.... Please let George know he has a fantastic team. ?

5 Testimonial by B. of Kitchener on 2019-12-11T00:00:00-05:00

Despite the fact that I have been deemed "Disabled" by my doctor, I had been denied Short and Long-Term Disability insurance benefits by a well-known Insurance Company for almost two years.

I contacted Dietrich Law Office and talked to Lina who was knowledgeable, polite and professional and she assigned Alexandra (Ali) Victoros to my case.

Within a few months of negotiation, Ali was able to arrive at settlement with the insurance company that was acceptable to them and me. She was able to accomplish in a few weeks what I hadn't been able to do in almost two years.

If anyone is having difficulty negotiating a Disability settlement with an insurance company. I would strongly recommend Dietrich Law Office Tel. 1 (877) 534-9494. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional and "They Get Results"

Since you only have two years to appeal an insurance company's decision, "DO NOT DELAY!"

One Happy Client!!

5 Testimonial by L. of Fergus on 2019-09-24T00:00:00-04:00

The amazing staff at Dietrich law were easy to deal with. Very informative and detailed work. They always answered my questions.

They took my driving distance into consideration and overall my CPP disability process go smoothly.I have to say again very good and detailed worked. I was very impressed.

If you need any assistance getting help with complicated matters, I highly recommend this firm. I had good results and felt personally attended by honest hard working staff. Not a single complaint. Don't hesitate to call them- they are honest to each situation.

Thanks you to all the staff that make the office run so smoothly and the detailed work.

5 Testimonial by C. D. R. on 2019-05-15T15:08:44-04:00

I went to Dietrich Law after being denied disability for my Fibromyalgia and other health conditions. After speaking with Lina, she made me realize that this situation was very common. I was invited to come in to talk about the steps we’d need to take next. When I came in, I sat down with George, Bozena and Lina and they advised me that this process is normal and even though it might feel lengthy and at times stressful, they’d walk me through it.....and they totally did. Thank you to Lina (who I spoke and dealt with most often). Your kind words and encouragement kept me calm (for the most C.L

5 Google Review by C. L. on 2018-10-10T08:19:32-04:00

I had George Dietrich and his team handle my car accident and my disability claim. They fought for me when other Lawyers said that I didn't have a case that they could win. His office was absolutely amazing at getting me all the benefits that I was entitled to and they always went above and beyond to make sure that happened in a timely fashion. They fought the insurance company of the person who hit me and later fought cpp-d to get me my benefits. In both cases they were able to prove that the accident was the reason for my disability so I was awarded a settlement in both cases that was more then I had expected because by this point it was years later. I never had a period of time without income during that time thanks to Dietrich Law Office because they stayed on the insurance company and the government until I received what I was entitled to. Their commitment and profesionalism is top notch and I highly recommend them for all your legal needs. ..

5 Google Review by S. M. on 2017-02-07T12:50:35-05:00