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Falls are a leading cause of injury in Waterloo region for both older adults and for young children.  If you are looking after your elderly parents, always try to be on the lookout for hazards both in your own home and wherever they happen to be staying.

Avoid having clutter and obstacles on the floor that could become tripping hazards. Make sure all of the areas where seniors walk in and around the house are well lit. Loose carpets or rugs may get bunched up causing an uneven surface that can lead to tripping. Avoid washing floors when seniors are expected and dry floors right away if ice and snow cause damp slippery conditions.

Bathroom showers and tubs can be extremely slippery when wet. Ideally, seniors should have access to a walk-in shower or bath area to avoid having to climb into a tub. Always install secure handrails on the walls in the shower area to reduce the chance of slipping.

Another factor in senior slip and fall accidents is the gradual deterioration of muscle mass as we age. Regular exercise can help to maintains strength that will increase mobility and improve balance to help reduce the chance of falling. 

Alcohol and sedative medication should be avoided whenever possible since these can also lead to increases in accidental falls. 

Vertigo and low blood pressure can also lead to dizziness or light-headedness which lead to falls. The advice of a medical professional should be sought to overcome these conditions. 

Equipment such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs can help to improve mobility while reducing the chance of falling.


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