Our Mission

George Dietrich with the Kitchener Personal Injury Defence TeamAt Dietrich Law we pride ourselves in maximizing both the medical outcomes and the financial recovery for our clients. Our Personal Injury Lawyers are constantly updating their knowledge of the changes in motor vehicle accident legislation as well as changes to the law of negligence. Our Disability Lawyers remain current with the medical and legal paradigms in the field of disability whether they involve orthopaedic, psychological, chronic pain or fibromyalgia diagnoses.

Knowledge isn't enough though; we must also devote ourselves to making sure that our client's treatment and medication needs are met, not to mention fighting for deserved and needed income replacement. Whether we dispute motor vehicle accident benefits, entitlement to Canada Pension Plan disability benefits or long term disability benefits, we always act on the understanding that our clients, unlike insurance companies, have very limited resources, bills to pay, families to look after and are often, through pain or psychological distress, isolated from society itself.

Many of our clients start out having been diagnosed with something they had never even heard of, such as fibromyalgia, or thoracic outlet syndrome. These clients need income assistance or treatment and have often been told they just require a note from their doctor to get their compensation started. Months later, with resources dwindling, after their doctors have answered the same questions for the third or fourth time, clients call us, and they find us ready to help.

Our Focus

Injured or disabled, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with acute back pain, neck pain, post-traumatic stress disorder or even if doctors can't determine the nature of your condition, you will be given our full attention. We focus on finding out what your doctors have said about you, what your past history can tell us about what happened to you and, where appropriate, we even look at your ability to cope with what has happened to you.

Time is the insurer's friend. Many people become overwhelmed and just give up, not knowing what to do for themselves and not wanting to get involved with a lawyer. We understand your feelings and we try to keep to your timetable. We cannot change the fact that the court system is extremely complex, has timelines which must be followed and is very expensive, but we will keep the focus on you and your needs by helping to process your claim as quickly as possible within the system.

Our focus on Personal Injury Law and Disability Law allows us to provide exceptional expertise in these areas to provide you with the best possible service. Recent changes to insurance legislation have resulted in an even more confusing maze of limitation periods and paper filing requirements, not to mention methods of dispute resolution, all with their own rules of procedure. Let us help you through this to ensure you don't overlook important procedures or deadlines.

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Our Approach

We work closely with you so that we will get to know you almost as well as you know yourself. This gives us the ability to properly explain what you are going through. When we are presenting to a medical assessor, a tribunal or a judge and jury we have to know you well to effectively tell your story. We focus on your primary need for answers as to what is wrong with you, treatment to improve your condition and compensation for your inevitable losses. By taking the time to listen to your situation we can help you get a fair hearing.

In most cases our fees are based upon contingency agreements. We cover all ordinary expenses of proceeding with your file. At the end, we get paid when you receive your settlement or judgment. We are with you each step of the way.


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