Motorcycles are a symbol of the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, given our rising population and crowded roadways, riding a motorcycle can also be very dangerous. Accidents may be caused by many factors, including the skill of the drivers involved, road and weather conditions, the age and maintenance level of the motorcycle and the presence of pedestrians.

Tragically, every year numerous motorcycle accidents occur leaving individuals injured or dead, often giving rise to legal action with opportunities for courts to rule on responsibility for the accident, the nature and cause of injuries and determining compensation for the victims and their families.

Despite the common myth, statistically, motorcycle drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident than car drivers. Although many motorcyclists drive defensively and are unlikely to be driving under icy road conditions, those who do get into an accident are seven times more likely to be killed as a result of the accident.

The high fatality rate of motorcycle accident victims is not completely unexpected. There are no protective structures which provide the driver or passengers any sort of buffer zone in the event of a collision or a fall. There are traffic rules which must be followed but one distracted moment by a driver in a car or truck may have devastating results for a motorcyclist. A skilled lawyer is necessary to address the damages and injuries caused by any accident or fall off of a motorcycle, should one occur.

It is possible to reduce the chances of an accident involving a motorcycle by being certain that the motorcycle is in optimal condition, that mechanical safety precautions are observed, and by wearing an appropriate helmet.

Taking proper safety precautions while riding a motorcycle or driving close to a motorcycle is also imperative to avoid causing collision or injury. Precautions must also be taken to ensure the safety of any passengers on the bike with you.

In the event that the unthinkable occurs and a motorcycle accident takes place, it is important to know that legal help is available. The lawyers and staff at Dietrich Law are available to pursue your claims for accident benefits and against the at-fault party to their fullest extent on your behalf. Our lawyers specialize in disability and personal injury law, concentrating on addressing the rights and needs of our clients. We are dedicated to identifying the needs of our injured clients, and assisting injured and disabled persons in obtaining thorough diagnosis, expert treatment and just compensation. Based in Kitchener, the lawyers, paralegals and clerks in the firm are familiar with all applicable rules, are skilled in evaluating cases and have extensive experience in serving the Regions of Waterloo, Wellington, Brant, Oxford and York.


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