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Illegal Check Results in Broken Neck

A greater Toronto Hockey League boss plans to hold a discipline hearing for a player who delivered an illegal hit that resulted in a broken neck for 16-year-old player Justin Mendes. The Ted Reeve Thunder player was hospitalized and needed four screws in his head to hold a halo traction device in place. The offending playing, whose name has not been released, will be suspended indefinitely.

E. coli Outbreak Triggers Frozen Beef Recall

Tainted frozen beef has caused at least two people to become sick due to an E. coli outbreak in Ontario and Manitoba. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled several beef products sold at Canada Safeway stores on Tuesday. The recalled products include The Gourmet's Meat Shoppe big and juicy burger and prime rib burger, as well as The Butcher's Cut pure beef patties. E. coli tainted food look normal and not have any unpleasant smell, but can cause extreme nausea, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea.

New Standard for Reporting Drug Side Effects

Health Canada is taking action to get more doctors to report when their patients suffer side effects to medications. The campaign designed to improve drug safety follows a Toronto Star investigation that revealed problems with Health Canada’s monitoring of patient side effects. The Star found that Health Candada's drug safety law is flawed in that it does not require Canada’s medical professionals to report serious adverse reactions to drugs. Although the system remains voluntary, Health Canada is placing notices in 22 journals for health professionals to explain the process and importance of reporting adverse side effects. Health Canada is also developing a new standard for reporting adverse side effects.

Driver Error Cited in Tragic Vehicle Accident

The Ontario Chief Coroner has decided not to hold a public inquest into a road crash that killed 10 farm workers and a truck driver last year. Although this was one of Ontario's most fatal traffic collisions, the coroner has concluded that the accident was the result of driver error. The coroner considered many factors including fatigue, weather, road conditions, road design, work hours, brakes, licensing of drivers and familiarity with the area but none of these were considered to be contributory. The crash was fatal for nine agricultural workers from Peru who were travelling in a 15-seat van headed to their homes in Kitchener. A police investigation determined that the van’s driver failed to yield at a stop sign for a transport truck. The truck driver Chris Fulton, who lived in London Ontario, also died.

Human Rights Tribunal Finds Employer Did Not Meet Obligations to Disabled Employee

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario recently heard a case in which an employer replaced and terminated an employee on disability leave without making any effort to accommodate him. Although the tribunal concluded that the employer had no malicious intent, they decided that the employer had essentially misunderstood its obligations to the employee. The tribunal found that the employee's disability was a factor in the employer's decision to terminate, and that was deemed to be unlawful discrimination. To prove discrimination, the employee had only to show that the disability played a part in the termination, not that the disability was "the sole or the dominant reason."

Grandmother Almost Scammed by Waterloo Car Accident Story

WATERLOO - A grandmother received a call from her "grandson" who was attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. The grandson claimed to be at fault in a car accident involving a tourist from Uruguay. The grandson asked his grandmother to transfer $2,100 to the tourist's bank account via Western Union and to not tell anybody about the incident. The grandmother was just about to perform the transfer when she was advised by bank staff that the situation sounded like a scam. Sure enough, the grandson was not even aware that the call was made and the entire story was made up by a scam artist.

Voice in his head drove man to crash car into police station

KITCHENER - A mentally disturbed local man thought he was helping police when he crashed his car into their Cambridge Headquarters on November 13th, 2011. Bryan Welfred, driven by a voice inside his head, drove though the front doors of the police station in an attempt to provide police with evidence which he believed he had for a police investigation into killer spirits. Despite the damage caused by the car crash, no injuries were sustained.

Roundabout crash case in court late next month

KITCHENER - In late January 2012, the case will resume against the Grand River Transit bus driver charged with injuring a Kitchener girl in a collision at a roundabout. The accident occurred near St. Mary's High School on 7th October 2011. The girl suffered multiple injuries including internal bleeding, a concussion and a broken leg.

Cyclists at fault in the majority of bike-vehicle collisions in Waterloo Region

Almost 200 cyclists were hit by vehicles on roads and streets of Waterloo region in 2010, triggering calls for more cycling lanes and bike trails and more education for both riders and drivers. According to statistics collected by the region and the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, most of the collisions happened at intersections and most occurred when cyclists riding on sidewalks continued into the intersection along the crosswalk.

Kitchener Man Jailed after Car Crash

A kitchener man was jailed for two years for driving after drinking 12 beers and taking drugs. As a result of his impairment he crashed head-on into another vehicle on Conestoga Parkway. The accident put the other driver in the hospital for 3 months.

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