When your application for Canada Pension Plan disability benefits has been denied you can file an appeal to have your case reconsidered. There are three levels of appeal, two of which involve hearings. The time that it takes to get a decision for your appeal will vary, depending on the amount and type of information that you provide.

Canada Pension Plan

At Dietrich Law, we can help you build, or rebuild, your case in order to maximize all of the information and documents that are available to access and improve your chances of success at your appeal hearing. We will guide you throughout the process and offer expert advice on ways to handle certain situations when appealing to either the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal or the Pension Appeals Board, and will complete extensive written submissions in preparation for the hearings.

During the appeal process, you may have to go through all three levels of review and each one has its own requirements and set of evidentiary questions that must be answered. The skilled disability lawyers at Dietrich Law will help you prepare for all three levels and we make sure that the information that you are providing is consistent, relevant and coherent. You may have all of the necessary information and may satisfy eligibility requirements but, if this information is not correctly presented, you may not be awarded a CPP disability pension. We do our best to make sure that this does not happen and that everything is presented in an optimal manner to help ensure that you get everything to which you are entitled.

Our experienced lawyers will work with you to gather all of the relevant information and determine if there is new evidence that is pertinent to your case. We will analyze your unique situation so that we can highlight relevant aspects of your claim to help you obtain a favourable decision from the board. At Dietrich Law, our disability lawyers work with you every step of the way to obtain the maximum possible benefit for you.


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