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412021‑05‑10Covid 19 Stress causing Increase in Depression and AnxietyMore and more Canadians are reporting serious mental conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression and burnout, as the pandemic persists and for many, their symptoms are debilitating, prevent them from being able to work, and sometimes resul
692013‑06‑03CPP Disability Appeal Changes and Bill C-38With the new appeal process for CPP Disability Claims coming into effect on April 1st, 2013, it becomes even more important to properly prepare for a CPP Review if you have been denied CPP Disability Benefits.
632019‑04‑01Disabling Impact of Chronic Pain provides Grounds for Personal Injury DamageMany pedestrian accidents result when a driver fails to take due care or violates a traffic law. And, when an injured pedestrian commences a lawsuit for damages against the driver, the onus is on the driver to prove he was not negligent in causing th
342022‑02‑09Distracted Driving Causes Kitchener Accidents and Personal InjuryDistracted driving is disturbingly common and frequently results in car accidents and injury to road users besides the inattentive driver.
312022‑06‑10Eligibility for Disability BenefitsAt some time in their working lives, many Canadians suffer an illness or injury that prevents them from working. Learn about disability claim requirements if you are disabled and cannot perform your job.
762023‑01‑09Falls are a Leading Cause of Injury in Waterloo RegionFalls are a leading cause of injuries among the elderly. Learn about steps and precautions can be taken to reduce the chance of falling.
582019‑11‑12How Accident Victims share Insurance Proceeds to cover Awarded DamagesWhen damages are awarded in a lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle accident, the proceeds from the applicable vehicle insurance policies are apportioned to cover the plaintiff’s damages up to the maximum available on the policies. When multiple plain
662014‑05‑31How Do I Apply for Insurance Benefits After a Car Accident in Kitchener?If you are injured in a car accident, you may be eligible for benefits determined under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule of Ontario's Insurance Act. When you call your insurance company to report the accident, you must tell them that you wish
652014‑07‑03How much will I receive in benefits after a car accident?If you have been injured in a car accident in Ontario you are covered under the Insurance Act's Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule, which specifies the accident benefits to which you are entitled and when they apply.
742019‑05‑01Impact of Chronic Pain Provides Grounds For Personal Injury DamagesFor some accident victims, injury leads to serious and long-term pain and causes physical limitations and psychological problems that adversely effects their quality of life. In such a case, persons suffering from chronic pain may be entitled to dama


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